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When designing a living space which should be considered first? Furniture, maybe? Lighting? Flooring, perhaps? Because no one design element supersedes another, the first thing that one should put into interior home design is some thought.

Which is what our new blog series 24 Ideas for 2024 is all about. It’s our perspective on what trends will address the challenges today’s interior designers face and help them answer the most important questions – What experiences are people looking to have in their homes? How can each space make people feel inspired? What meaningful connections can be made?

Our new blog series will explore the most dynamic and innovative use of everything from lighting to colors, furniture, and art. We’ll look at what materials are coming into their own and which are on their way out. And, of course, no design blog series would be complete without sharing the latest on everyone’s favorite topic of discussion – sustainability. Yep, we’ll be looking at the top design choices for how to help builders do more with less, while creating living spaces that truly give life.

And as more and more people embrace the need to address both form and function within the home, 24 Ideas for 2024 will reveal all the ways that design can make every public and private space feel warm and welcoming. It’s a collection of blogs that gives deep insight into how design can align with today’s modern lifestyles. Consider our series not just a preview, but your personal insider’s look behind the curtain at the design trends that will make 2024 the most relevant and meaningful year in home interior design yet.

Stay tuned for more in this series!


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Author Doris Pearlman & Payton Bess

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